Update – 12/17/2021

To be clear up-front – u/shiftpgdn, the head moderator of r/webhosting on Reddit, is the President of NixiHost.com Incorporated – a Texas-based Corporation.  This has been verified via public corporation documents filed with the State of Texas and confirmed by u/shiftpgdn himself in the r/webhosting’s Discord server in the #general channel.

After this site was launched and this article was published, the moderator of r/webhosting, u/shiftpgdn, said, “thats not showing off anything that people didnt already know” when asked about this website in the r/webhosting Discord #general channel.


The statement that u/shiftpgdn is making here is that “people” knew he was involved with NixiHost and that “people” already knew his name by association with NixiHost.

Ultimately he’s asserting that everything on this site was already public knowledge and that “people” were already aware of it.

The humor of this situation is that Reddit sees this site as “revealing the private information of a Reddit user,” while that user simultaneously claims that the information on this site is public knowledge.

It seems that with Reddit you really can have it both ways if you’re a moderator.

u/shiftpgdn goes on to say, “This isn’t some killer takedown you thought it was, lol”

His reddit profile does say, “I helped start NixiHost in 2007, sold (exited in SV slang :D) in 2013 to some friends. I now work doing HPC and hyperscale kubernetes architecture in the oil and gas world.”

A user in the r/webhosting Discord server that goes by the name “Chronicle” did say in reference to the business documents that still have u/shiftpgdn listed as the president of the company, “That document is pretty damning.  Unless you can create a counter document refuting all of it I see no way for you to regain trust as an impartial independent moderator.”

u/shiftpgdn responded with, “Completely see your point of view.  I’m headed out the door for work for the day but will have something for you.”

This may be a surprise – u/shiftpgdn did not provide anything showing that his name has been removed from the company or that he is no longer involved.  We pulled an updated copy of the corporate documents and while the address has been changed to a P.O. Box – u/shiftpgdn is still listed as president.

The excuse given by u/shiftpgdn for his name still being on the corporate filings is, “Their accountant was reusing the no franchise tax due filing every year which had my name on it from when I was part of the company. It’s been corrected.  You can talk to NixiHost about it if you have more questions.”

Another user in the discord server that goes by the name “agentblack-AgentBlackHosting” said, “reading some of that material on that site, some of that looks to be official state paperwork.  Is that being corrected as well? Especially if it deals with taxes” to which u/shiftpgdn responded, “That’s my understanding”

u/shiftpgdn goes further to say “I could go list you as ceo of company x tomorrow in Texas”

While u/shiftpgdn claims that they have not been involved with NixiHost since 2013 – they represented NixiHost at a WordPress Houston event in mid-2020.


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